Mu Origin Private Servers

Best Mu Origin Private Servers

Version 3.0 and 7.0 - 12+
Best mobile RPG game

  • Looking for good mu origin server?

    Your in right place, choose old style 3.0 version on new 7.0

  • Which is the best server?

    Play Store has many servers, but most is closed after month or two, choose righ!

  • Character SUMMONER

    The latest update to MU Origin introduces a new class Summoner along with powerful magic, splendid skill, massive attack and magnificent wings.

    Mu origin Is a real time RPG game made by similarity of mu online and can be played on Smartphones, tablets or PC with emulator!!!.

    There is currenctly 2 popular versions, Classic: 3.0 or New 7.0 With mount pets

    • 1.Great Game play and Free to play game system.
    • This Mu Origin Server brings you the best of MMORPG to the New Role Playing Game of MU.
    • 2. Most stunning visuals!
    • Immerse yourself in the Incredible 3D graphics and effects!
    • Endless customization for looks, equipment and pets. Equip your hero to every unrivaled detail.
    • 3. Explore The Continent of Mu Origin with a Vast amount of Maps
    • 20 Maps to be explored in many scenarios to live the perfect MMORPG
    • 4. Most exciting PVP!
    • Real time PvP with many events to earn Fame and Honor and become the greates fighter of (Mu Origin) World
    • Play Cross Server battles and become the Mightiest warrior
    • 5. Non-stop adventure
    • Play With non stop to farm jewels, esences and forge your own materials in this fantastic Role playing Game
    • Raiding field BOSS for rich resources and EXP for whole day!
    • 6. Most innovative gameplay!
    • Assault other guilds territories and loot their resources.
    • Join Raids to fight te most powerfull demons
    • Strenght your weapons to the limit and defeat your enemies. you’ll never be bored in the adventure of Mu Origin World
    • 7. Clash with guilds - Guild War!
    • Fight agains other guilds of your server and become the mighiest, defeat your enemies to collect the most valuable resources.
    • 8.- Select among 5 Races, Summoner, Archer, Magic Gladiator, Warrior Knight, Magician and become the most powerfull of all.